Chinese Medicine Slimming Weight Loss Diets Patch [10 pieces]

Chinese Medicine Slimming Weight Loss Diets Patch [10 pieces]

Chinese Medicine Slimming Weight Loss Diets Patch [10 pieces]

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  • Natural botanical ingredients, safe and non-irritating. Tea extract can restore the delicate and firm skin of the loose skin. Ivy extract nourishes and moisturizes dry skin, softens the skin and keeps the skin moist and elastic.
  • Good For Health - Slim patch can improve the metabolic system and stimulate fat better. Including plants extract, it's healthy and mild non-stimulating the skin.
  • Easy to use - One piece a day or every other day, patch directly attached to the belly; using the time is 8 hours and should not exceed 10 hours.
  • Breathable and comfortable, it will not give you a feeling of moistness and sultry after being applied to the body parts. With good adhesion, the patch can be easily attached to the navel.
  • Weight Management - The patch can help people who suffer from thick waist and constipation to keep slim and healthy. Especially suitable for those who lack of exercises, weak and obese people.

    weight loss sticker

    Usage Directions

    • The area where you apply the sticker should be clean and dry. You can keep it within 8-12 hours. It is recommended to stick it between 7:30 and 8:30 every night after dinner, or you can use it before going to sleep, remove it next morning. 45 days is a course of treatment.
    • 1: Directly affixed to the navel, if the stomach is fat, navel sag, you can directly peel off the drug and magnet together to the navel, it is more conducive to absorption.
    • 2: Allergic to the tape, before use can be coated around the navel thin layer of moisturizing products, and then paste the drug to basically solve allergies.
    • 3: Disabled during menstruation. It is recommended to stick at night, generally, about 8 hours, can effectively prevent and inhibit the synthesis of fat, accelerate the decomposition and elimination of fat. Accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body, improve constipation and make it easy to lose weight during sleep.
    • Note: If Abnormal skin or skin irritation, Immediately stop using it, please keep in place less than 40 degrees Celsius. Pregnant women, the elderly, young children should not use. Anti-thyroid patients into or lower do not use.